Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Question:  What is the best steroid to stack with winstrol?

Answer:  Anavar is usually the best but you can also do dbol

Question:  What about my joints on winny?

Answer:  Your joints can be dry after using winstrol, some are using it with Deca to moisten the joints

Question: How much fat will I lose from 1 cycle?

Answer:  If you stack with clen and anavar, maybe up to 10-15lbs of fat

Question: what dosage do I take?

Answer:  depends on your  weight, an average 200lbs. male would take about 50mgs ED

Question: should I split winstrol dosages?

Answer: Due to the half life, you should split your dosage into AM and PM


Question: What supplements do I need to take with winstrol?

Answer: You should take liver support, because it’s an oral steroid.  Take liver support, milk thistle and cranberry extract for the kidneys.